Thursday, February 25, 2010


PsychEdelic Kissy Lipp Shark views life through rose tinted glasses!  She's a 60's rock-n-roll groupy inspired by John and the Jims... Lennon, Hendrix, Morrison, Croce & Big Jim.  Groovy Baby!
Painted wood.
12"H x 36"W.
Click on pic for larger view.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aphra is an exotic African mermaid adorned with brilliant painted peacock feathers.  Aphra is living with a charter fishing boat captain who has a penchant for luscious sea sirens!
Carved & Painted Wood.
12"H x 33"W 
Click photo for enlarged view.

Indira Mermaid is a kinda crazy mixed up flower child with her Indian tapestry tail and big ol' layered hair and plumped lips!! 

Although WE know she's a 12"H x 33"W carved painted wood sculpture... Indira breathily confides that she's a 'naturally blessed' 36-24-36 redhead ;) 
Available for $125.00 + S/H.
Click for close up.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

SOLD :)  Thanks Rick!!
Mardi Gras Mirror is composed of over 40 individually cut & painted pieces of wood.
Colorful fleur-de-lis details are inspired by the joie-de-vive of NOLA's French Quarter.  Click for enlarged view and look closely for the surprise reflected in the mirror!
Available for purchase at Scavenger's Bazaar
40"H x 39"W.

Embrace the Joy of Carnival every day with a one-uva-kind hand carved & stained cypress wood 'feathered' Mardi Gras mask!  

12"H x 33"W. 
Available for $150.00 + S/H.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Drink Like Fish Mirror

One-uva-Kind Pecky Cypress Mirror w/ hand sculpted & painted 'patrons'.
We all know this gang... from life-o-the-party Shark to that sunglasses-at-night diva Angel fish!
44"H x 34"W x 5"D
Available for $650.00 at The Artzy Fartzy Garage Studio near Grayton Beach, FL.
Click for enlarged view.

Maiden Voyage

I'm new to this whole blogging deal... so, I beg you, please hang in there with me while I learn the ropes. Teaching this old dog a new trick may take a day or two! Upcoming posts: pictures of our art.