Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Angelic Sisters: Faith (white/silver cross), Joy (gold/star), Noelle (blue/silver trumpet), Hope (red/copper heart) and Grace (green/peace).  Each carries the talisman denoting her special gift for the Universe.

Mounted on posterboard with built-in easel backs, the Angelic sisters are  3D mixed-media individuals expressed in fabric, paper, wire, ribbon, paint, beads & glorious glitz, and all are imbued with their own particular delight!

The Sisters wish is to watch over and bring you happiness each & every day!  (FYI "Sister Merry Joy" begged that her hair be styled in "I Dream of Jeanie" fashion!! We debated... "Joy" ultimately won ;)

Each is approx. 8"H x 6"W. 
Sister Merry FAITH (Cross)
Adopted :)

Sister Merry JOY (Star)
Covenant Hospice fund drive

Sister Merry NOELLE (Trumpet)
Adopted :)

Sister Merry HOPE (Heart)
Adopted :)

Sister Merry GRACE (Peace Dove)
Covenant Hospice fund drive


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Custom art screen door of burgundy stained cypress, brass screening, beautiful fired copper lower panels, and heron sculpture of spalted hickory wood.
Contact us for help designing your custom art screen door for porch, patio, pantry or outside shower door art. Click to zoom.
Heron closeup