Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Angelic Sisters: Faith (white/silver cross), Joy (gold/star), Noelle (blue/silver trumpet), Hope (red/copper heart) and Grace (green/peace).  Each carries the talisman denoting her special gift for the Universe.

Mounted on posterboard with built-in easel backs, the Angelic sisters are  3D mixed-media individuals expressed in fabric, paper, wire, ribbon, paint, beads & glorious glitz, and all are imbued with their own particular delight!

The Sisters wish is to watch over and bring you happiness each & every day!  (FYI "Sister Merry Joy" begged that her hair be styled in "I Dream of Jeanie" fashion!! We debated... "Joy" ultimately won ;)

Each is approx. 8"H x 6"W. 
Sister Merry FAITH (Cross)
Adopted :)

Sister Merry JOY (Star)
Covenant Hospice fund drive

Sister Merry NOELLE (Trumpet)
Adopted :)

Sister Merry HOPE (Heart)
Adopted :)

Sister Merry GRACE (Peace Dove)
Covenant Hospice fund drive


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