Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Therapy

Three months before his passage from this earthly life, GTF acquired some fragments of antique tortoise shell from a life-long friend who had caught a sea turtle many years before sea turtles were placed on the endangered species list. The whole carapace hung on his friend's wall for many decades before falling to the floor and breaking into pieces.

Greg's cancer had metastasized to the brain causing double vision. He'd decided to undergo some additional radiation to the brain on the chance it might help the double vision. As a gambler, he declared that he'd play a 50/50 odds hand! Sadly the radiation did not help the double vision. Never one to whine or wallow, ever positive GTF could always find the silver lining within any situation!

Greg thought he'd return to his earlier days of jewelry making and create some shell pendants. He started experimenting with the tortoise shell fragments; trying different methods of cutting, carving, grinding, and polishing.

We were both astounded when he discovered that doing small, highly focused work actually "tuned out" the discombobulating effects of his double vision! GTF's art was always inspired by Mother Nature's gifts... and the pieces he created from the tortoise's shell represent a continued sharing of her blessings!

These tortoise shell pendants are some manifestations from Greg's final months of ART THERAPY when he created the most finely detailed works of his life!


Water Dragon

Fleur de Lis

Sea Turtle

Butterfly Clasp

Crescent Moon

GTF's 'Pendant Posse' at his Life Celebration Event